img_3414Good morning!! This Halloween is starting off a bit chilly!! I just wanted to share with you my experience at the VegFest which was held at Orange Coast College this past weekend. This is the second year for the VegFest, and there were many more vendors this year!! I can’t wait to see how big it will grow next year!

I went with my friends Mike, Natalie, and Kate. I’ve met these three through my Raw in Riverside Meetup Group and yoga at Source Yoga Studio. When we arrived at the festival, we saw our friend Nick Hughes who owns Auraganic Juicery in Chino Hills. Check his place out if you live in his area!! I wandered off on my own and discovered a vendor that was selling Sugarcane Juice!! Sugarcane Juice requires a powerful juicer to extract the juice from the actual cane. I love to watch it being made! I also love to have lime squeezed into my sugarcane juice! The company that was selling this outrageous juice is called Mia Perfect Juice.

Mike REALLY loved KindKreme’s Raw Nice Cream!! I highly recommend a visit to their establishment in Pasadena. They also have a restaurant in Los Angeles, called Sage Organic Bistro which also carries KindKreme. Natalie and Kate simply enjoyed tasting all of the free samples! If you were able to visit the VegFest this year, I hope you loved your experience. Check them out next year if you’re FREE!!