Happy Thanksgiving weekend!! I’ve been having so much fun throughout this joyous holiday week that I thought I would sit down and share with you all of the excitement!!  I was able to spend the first of the week with Diane Wattles, Kelsey and Cassidy Silberg, and Michelle Wattles. They visited Riverside and stayed at the lovely Mission Inn. I had such a great time visiting and showing them around my lovely city!! On Tuesday night we went to see Mamma Mia in Orange County which is always so entertaining.

I hosted Thanksgiving on Thursday evening at my house. This is my second Thanksgiving in my Riverside house, but my first official Thanksgiving. Michele Carry, Michael Bey, my brother Todd, and Natalie Larson all feasted on my first official vegan Thanksgiving dinner!! YEAH!! I really do love the simplicity of preparing raw food and the delicious flavors that can be created from Mother Earth’s bounty. I have much to be thankful for! I made a special Thanksgiving juice with pomegranates, apples, ginger, and oranges. I also made a scrumptious apple pie and a fall salad. All of my visitors brought delicious and nutritious raw dishes as well. We ate our apple pie first because everyone has always wanted to eat dessert first, and it’s better for digestion if you’re eating your fruits before your veggies!! Isn’t that lovely?

Today I went to visit Common Ground in Corona so that I could listen to Daniel Nahmod’s music. He is an amazing soul who writes and sings from his heart. You may find him on youtube and enjoy some of his tunes. His songs always remind me of the importance of being thankful and happy for each and every moment.

I hope your Thanksgiving week was special and filled with memories to treasure!!