January Raw Food WorkshopFKNO8865Hi!! Welcome to 2017!! I’m excited for the new year! I have been eating as a RAW Vegan for FOUR years now!! January is my official anniversary!!

SO, with all of the knowledge and gifts that I have received through RAW foods, I’m sharing workshops at my house to encourage others to eat more fresh fruits and veggies!! Every Thursday in January at 6:15, I host a Raw Workshop where the participants come to my house and create and eat a RAW meal together. Our first Thursday we created Rainbow Sushi and strawberries with RAW chocolate! Last night we created three types of Zoodles. We enjoyed Pesto Pasta, Pasta Marinara, and Mango-Curry Zoodles. I also made brownies! All of the recipes for the main dishes can be found here on the website. Next week we’ll be making a Savory Salad and the last Thursday of the month we’ll be making Mushroom-Corn Tacos! If you live here in Riverside or close by, PLEASE join us!!