Hi! I’m Jennifer Fisher

Jennifer Fisher

Hi! I’m Jennifer, a raw vegan, in Riverside, CA. Welcome to my website Freely Raw! Freely Raw to me means being just that, FREE!! Free to live in this moment because that is how we are meant to live.

I love spending time at farmer’s markets, creating new recipes, and inspiring others to eat healthier meals. I also love gardening, yoga, running, swimming, playing with my kittens Luke and Leia, traveling, and new adventures. In March I went to Costa Rica and I was able to attend trapeze school and that was AMAZING!

I have been a raw vegan for five years and I love this lifestyle so much! It’s filled with love, abundance, and kindness. It’s also filled with radically delicious desserts that are nutrient dense, which means you can eat them and still look and feel AMAZING!!

So welcome home to the Freely Raw website! I’ve included information on the power of raw food, recipes, restaurants, farmer’s markets, a seven-day meal plan for transitioning to the raw lifestyle, kitchen tools, and a blog. I’ve been waiting for you to arrive!

With all my love,

Becoming a Raw Vegan

I haven’t always been a raw vegan. In fact, I had no idea that eating meat and dairy products weren’t necessary for proper nutrition. A doctor friend of mine recommended that I read the book, The China Study. My friend knew that my mom had passed away of cancer and he informed me that I needed to start making different food choices in order to avoid cancer. So that’s what I did. I became a whole-food plant based eater overnight and it took me about three months to transition into raw food and I have never looked back. I also have never had so much energy, mental clarity, and JOY in my life. The lifestyle is magical and transformative and the journey will lead you to wherever it is that you were meant to be. It’s my heart’s desire that everyone knows the power of raw living foods! I would do anything to see my mom one last time. She is the reason for my story.

What is Jennifer’s Juice?

Jennifer's Juice

Jennifer’s Juice is my creation of love for people and the planet. I make the juice here in Riverside, CA and sell it at Source Yoga Studio. It’s 16 ounces of raw organic goodness! The not so secret ingredient is LOVE!!!