Summer Gardening


Hi again!!! Welcome to the middle of July 2017!! I’ve been busy gardening! I’m happy to report that my tomatoes, zucchini, basil, oregano, chocolate mint, and WATERMELON are happily GROWING!! One of my favorite activities is watering the garden and watching the progress of the plants. I also love the VARIETY of flavors that I have chosen. The Sun Gold yellow cherry tomato is so sweet and delicious!! Have you tried one? I also really love my heirloom tomatoes such as the Cherokee Purple and the Pantano Romanesco!! I’ve also had so many zucchini that I’ve been juicing them!! Truly, there is nothing more satisfying than enjoying a salad with produce from your backyard.

I believe that EVERYONE would enjoy gardening! It really only takes some quality organic soil, love, patience, and water! You can GROW plants, I’m sure of it! If you don’t have enough room in your own backyard, find a COMMUNITY GARDEN to enjoy. Gardeners are super helpful people and you’re likely to meet a friend. My neighbor Eugene Veres lives across the street from me and he and I like to share garden ideas.

I’m hosting a potluck at my house on Saturday at 6:15.  My address is 4458 Larchwood Place. It’s a great place to meet some vegans and others who are making healthier food choices! Come on out and bring an organic fruit or veggie dish to share!

April FUN!!

BDPV6418WOW! I can’t believe it’s the end of April already! I have been having a lot of fun!! An exciting event in April was our 14 Day Raw Food Challenge!! The participants were challenged to eat as many RAW meals as possible.  Some of our participants did the Seven Day Challenge and some continued on. For our celebration dinner, we went to SunCafe Organic and feasted on Raw Vegan Nachos. We also visited the lovely Descanso Gardens to see some of Mother Nature’s BEAUTY!!

In June there’s going to be a 21 Day Challenge so stay tuned!  If you’d like to join the challenge, please e-mail me at Learning to eat raw foods can be challenging, exciting, and REWARDING!! I PROMISE that when you learn to eat a low-fat raw vegan lifestyle, you won’t crave cooked foods EVER again! Once the lifestyle becomes part of your life, it will be EFFORTLESS, DELICIOUS, and AMAZING!!IMG_5370

I planted my summer garden this month and it’s one of my favorite activities. I LOVE to grow fresh food! I picked up some plants from some local gardeners here in Riverside at their annual plant sale. I also have plants from Parkview Nursery and my neighbor. I planted heirloom tomatoes, zucchini, red and orange bell peppers, and WATERMELON!! It’s my first experience with starting watermelon from seed, so it will be a learning experience. What are you planting in your GARDEN?

ALSO, on May 7, 2017, I’m going to be doing a Raw Food Demo at the Herbivore Festival in Yucaipa at Crafton Hills College. I’m presenting from 1:00-1:45. There will be vendors selling plant-based foods and products as well.  I went last year and it was super fun!! SO, come on out and join a supportive plant-based eating community and learn some new RECIPES!!

My next  Raw Vegan Potluck will be on May 20 at 6:15  at 4458 Larchwood Place. PLEASE bring a fruit or veggie dish to share and join in our vegan support group!!

Seven Day Raw Food Challenge

Hi!! How are all of you? February flew by and now March is here and it feels as if spring has already sprung!! On March 1, I offered group support for a Raw Food Challenge! I was PLEASANTLY surprised to have TEN participants giving their BEST EFFORT to eat more raw foods!!

We met on the first day at my house to introduce ourselves and why we were interested in eating more raw foods. I talked briefly about what to expect and where to find resources about the low-fat raw vegan lifestyle. There was also a Facebook page for posting recipes, pictures, and feelings during the seven days.

Everyone went their own way and we gathered again on Sunday night at my house to make Zucchini Noodles and Karen brought her delicious dessert! We also discussed the Celebrations and Challenges that everyone was having sticking to the new lifestyle. A few celebrations were that individuals were not giving into cravings, some were feeling less bloated, some were losing weight, and some had learned delicious new recipes! Some challenges were detox symptoms, craving warm food and certain foods, and eating and/or cooking for others. YES! All of these celebrations and challenges are real and RAW!! Getting the hang of this lifestyle requires time and patience with oneself and others as well.

I hope that the participants in the Raw Challenge will continue to eat more raw foods now that they’ve learned more about the lifestyle. I’ll be offering Raw Cooking Classes again at my house in April, so watch my Instagram and Facebook feed for more information!

On Friday we’re taking a Celebration Field Trip to Peace Pies in Encinitas to celebrate everyone’s accomplishments!! We’ll also visit the ocean and the Meditation Gardens that are near the restaurant. Take a trip there if you are interested in learning more about Raw Foods. Or, if you live near Riverside, my next potluck will be March 18 at 6:15. Come on out and eat some tasty and food and meet some new people!UZIO0953

Christmas Cheer 2016


WOW!! Last night I had a RAW Potluck at my house and it was so AMAZING!! There were around 30 guests at the house, and our youngest little fellow was four months old! Nick Hughes from Auraganic Juicery in Chino Hills made some RAWESOME LASAGNA!! Michele made some delicious raw soup and Douglas made some walnut tacos. I made a delicious Raw Chocolate Pecan Pie and if you’d like the recipe, you can find it online at Michael made his Sinless Cinnamon Rolls out of bananas, and everyone feasted on fabulous VEGAN food!

We also had some music provided by Manny and his guitar and others joined in with their merriment. Of course, we had Michelle, Nick, Kainoa, Mike, and Manny practicing yoga moves as well. A white elephant gift exchange supplied everyone with a gift that they really needed! My gift was a feather toy that Luke and Leia really loved!! Nick received a book from Kiyomi that will keep him intrigued for days. The evening was perfectly perfect and everyone enjoyed the food and company! If you’re curious about raw food and you live close to Riverside, please come and join us in 2017!!



Raw Thanksgiving Dinner 2016

Happy Thanksgiving weekend!! I’ve been having so much fun throughout this joyous holiday week that I thought I would sit down and share with you all of the excitement!!  I was able to spend the first of the week with Diane Wattles, Kelsey and Cassidy Silberg, and Michelle Wattles. They visited Riverside and stayed at the lovely Mission Inn. I had such a great time visiting and showing them around my lovely city!! On Tuesday night we went to see Mamma Mia in Orange County which is always so entertaining.

I hosted Thanksgiving on Thursday evening at my house. This is my second Thanksgiving in my Riverside house, but my first official Thanksgiving. Michele Carry, Michael Bey, my brother Todd, and Natalie Larson all feasted on my first official vegan Thanksgiving dinner!! YEAH!! I really do love the simplicity of preparing raw food and the delicious flavors that can be created from Mother Earth’s bounty. I have much to be thankful for! I made a special Thanksgiving juice with pomegranates, apples, ginger, and oranges. I also made a scrumptious apple pie and a fall salad. All of my visitors brought delicious and nutritious raw dishes as well. We ate our apple pie first because everyone has always wanted to eat dessert first, and it’s better for digestion if you’re eating your fruits before your veggies!! Isn’t that lovely?

Today I went to visit Common Ground in Corona so that I could listen to Daniel Nahmod’s music. He is an amazing soul who writes and sings from his heart. You may find him on youtube and enjoy some of his tunes. His songs always remind me of the importance of being thankful and happy for each and every moment.

I hope your Thanksgiving week was special and filled with memories to treasure!!


SoCal VegFest 2016

img_3414Good morning!! This Halloween is starting off a bit chilly!! I just wanted to share with you my experience at the VegFest which was held at Orange Coast College this past weekend. This is the second year for the VegFest, and there were many more vendors this year!! I can’t wait to see how big it will grow next year!

I went with my friends Mike, Natalie, and Kate. I’ve met these three through my Raw in Riverside Meetup Group and yoga at Source Yoga Studio. When we arrived at the festival, we saw our friend Nick Hughes who owns Auraganic Juicery in Chino Hills. Check his place out if you live in his area!! I wandered off on my own and discovered a vendor that was selling Sugarcane Juice!! Sugarcane Juice requires a powerful juicer to extract the juice from the actual cane. I love to watch it being made! I also love to have lime squeezed into my sugarcane juice! The company that was selling this outrageous juice is called Mia Perfect Juice.

Mike REALLY loved KindKreme’s Raw Nice Cream!! I highly recommend a visit to their establishment in Pasadena. They also have a restaurant in Los Angeles, called Sage Organic Bistro which also carries KindKreme. Natalie and Kate simply enjoyed tasting all of the free samples! If you were able to visit the VegFest this year, I hope you loved your experience. Check them out next year if you’re FREE!!

October RAW Potluck

Good morning! It’s Monday morning and I wanted to blog about my RAW Food Potluck gathering that happened on Saturday night at my house! I have been hosting potlucks for a year now at my house in Riverside. If you’d like to attend, please find my Raw in Riverside Meetup Group for details. It’s a great way to learn more about raw foods and meet some interesting people!

It was a Halloween theme for this month and several people wore Halloween costumes! Kudos to Kiyomi, Chuck, and Ronald for getting in touch with their inner child and dressing up!! We had some new people at the potluck and several of the “newbies” shared poetry. I also read my poem called Juice Girl!! Reign has inspired us to share and write poetry. Saturday was a Full Moon and Douglas shared his crystal bowls and a meditation. It was quite a spectacular evening!!

ALSO, we shared some tasty raw dishes!! I made Kristina FullyRAW’s Dazzling Date Dip and her Raw Fettuccine Alfredo. I HIGHLY recommend her recipe book, The Fully Raw Diet, if you are wanting to transition into a RAW Food Lifestyle!! We also sampled some delicious salads and some kiwi berries brought to us by the lovely Mohara of Source Yoga Studio! Michele made a salad with persimmons, jicama, apple and a pomegranate-strawberry dressing. Love that creativity!!img_3178img_3188

After my guests went home, I planted some broccoli in my winter garden by the light of the Full Moon. My neighbor Eugene gave me some of his extra plants. This morning they are getting a light rain and they are going to be super healthy and delicious!! Have an amazing week!!



Friday Fun


I am getting excited about blogging so that all of you can get to know me a bit better! The first thing I do in the morning is visit and talk with my kittens Luke and Princess Leia. They are really precious and if you come over for a potluck, you’ll be able to meet them. After a visit with the kittens, I made some juice for myself and others. I made a traditional Beetle Juice and a Purple Passion! Yummy!

This morning around 9 a.m. I went to the Friday morning farmer’s market here in Riverside. I ate a breakfast of around 2 pounds of grapes and some FIGS!! I also won a really cute tote bag to carry around my fruits and veggies!

Next, I headed to Corona because some days I really enjoy peace and quiet, so I seek out different running trails. Today I ran about 4.5 miles. Then I went to see my friends, Sally and Maria in Eastvale at Southland Fields Farm.  I purchased pineapple, tangerines, and some limes. Then I headed to Amy’s Farm in Ontario to pick up some mixed greens and arugula! I also went to my friend’s house in Corona to pick up a tablecloth that I’ll use for my juicing demo tomorrow at Source Yoga Studio.

I made a yummy salad around 4, and then went to the yoga studio for the 6:30 class. Mohara always leads beautiful classes, and I HIGHLY recommend yoga for EVERYONE!! Yoga has taught me so much about life and myself. I really love it!!

Those are all of the highlights for today!! Talk to you soon!

Amy's Farm in October
Amy’s Farm in October


Fall Hiking FUN with Friends

Yesterday I had the opportunity to travel with my friends Justin, Kiyomi, and Mike to Palomar Mountain for a hike. It was a perfect fall day with brilliant colors, sunshine, fresh air, gorgeous trees and all of Mother Nature’s beauty. Hiking is one of my favorite activities!! We hiked to this gorgeous Mother Tree and soaked up its essence. Fall days are perfect for nature hiking!! We also saw two deer standing in the woods. What’s your favorite hike?

While on the hike, we all ate some oranges at the Mother Tree. But after our day of adventure, we wanted some more fuel so we headed to Peace Pies in Encinitas. Mike Strawberries had two orders of tacos and Mint Chip Cheesecake!! I ate three Rainbow Salads and Justin had the Mango Curry Wrap. Kiyomi also enjoyed tacos and Mojito Cheesecake. PLEASE check out Peace Pies if you’re in the Encinitas area. It gives you some great raw options that you might want to sample!! My friends REALLY loved the food there!

Mango Curry Wrap at Peace Pies Encinitas, California

Upcoming Events

  •  My next Raw Food Potluck will be on October 14 at 6:15!! Find the Meetup Group at Raw in Riverside Meetup Group. Costumes are welcome so feel FREE to DRESS UP!!!!
  • Elevated Awareness will be at Source Yoga on Saturday, October 8, from 12-3 p.m. I’m going to be doing a juicing demo!! Come on out!
Elevated Awareness Crew
Elevated Awareness Crew
Tower Garden with Nancy!
Tower Garden with Nancy!




Eve’s in Encinitas

Talking about juicing and the raw food lifestyle at Eve’s in Encinitas

Hi everyone!! Welcome to my first blog post EVER! On Saturday I had an amazing opportunity to talk about juicing and the raw food lifestyle at Eve’s in Encinitas! There is a group in the San Diego area called Elevated Awareness. Three amazing men, Dave Kemp, Michael Paige, and Ian Michael Meyers, started the group to educate and elevate awareness about the power of a plant-based lifestyle. Between the three men, they have a combined total weight loss of 200 pounds.

Typically during an Elevated Awareness event, Michael leads the group through a yoga class. Dave provides the live music and Ian talks about health and wellness through eating plants. This weekend there were several guest speakers and I was one. I was a bit nervous and excited, but so thankful for the experience. My website launched this weekend and I was super happy to share it at the Elevated Awareness event.

The Elevated Awareness presentation is something I think everyone would enjoy! On October 8, Elevated Awareness and Jennifer’s Juice will be teaming up at Source Yoga Studio. Please come out and experience the magic!