Why Raw Foods?

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If you’re looking for increased energy, an abundant lifestyle, and tons of fun, then RAW veganism is for you! Please take some time to read the book 80/10/10 by Dr. Douglas Graham to understand the basic principles of this lifestyle. Really discover what it means to live as a low-fat raw vegan so that you can intend to live this way if you choose. Even choosing to eat two raw meals a day will benefit your health and the health of our planet!

In order to be successful with this lifestyle, you need to be prepared. Plan on stocking up on fruits and veggies at a farmer’s market or local farm for the healthiest and freshest ingredients. Buy organic produce as much as possible. Also know which grocery stores close to your home or work carry organic produce.

Getting Started

Start your day with a smile

Focus on what works for your schedule. A fruit smoothie for breakfast is a great way to start the day. If you’re already familiar with juicing, you might want to drink a 32 ounce juice for breakfast. For lunch, plan on eating a HUGE plate of fruit. This could be a melon, grapes, pineapple, or oranges. The sky’s the limit here when you consider all of the delicious fruit combinations available to you! You might want to try eating mono meals in the beginning. A mono meal is simply a meal in which you consume only one fruit because it will digest really well. One of my favorite lunches in the summer is watermelon. Or, you might want to eat a 2.5 pound bag of grapes for lunch. Plan on eating a lot of fruit in order to stay satiated. Staying satiated on fruit is the secret to success on this lifestyle.

For dinner, prepare a large salad with the colors of the rainbow for health, nutrients, and minerals. If you’d like to eat some fruit before your evening meal, please do so. Fruit digests quickly in the body and that’s the reason for eating it first. Or, be creative and include your fruits into your salads or dressings. Remember to experiment and have fun in the kitchen! You’ll be amazed at how creative your salads will become if you give yourself time and love to develop this new lifestyle. You can do this if you try!

Colors of the rainbow for health, nutrients, and minerals

More Support

The Fully Raw Diet

If you’re looking for a specific menu plan for 21 days, check out Kristina FullyRAW’s website and book, The FulllyRAW Diet. She’s a gem and an inspiration!

If you’re looking for a support group in or near Riverside, CA check out my monthly potlucks on the meetup group, Raw in Riverside. I also post the times and dates on my Facebook fan page at Jennifer’s Juice. It’s a great place to meet some like-minded individuals who know about veganism. It’s also really delicious! I’m a huge fan of living raw and you’re likely to run into me at a farmer’s market, Mt. Rubidoux, Source Yoga Studio, or wherever I happen to be. Please introduce yourself and say hi! I’ll gladly give you any hints or love that you might need to keep eating healthier.

If you prefer personal support, I offer health coaching for individuals. Coaching starts at $75 per hour. Call 951-233-5425 and ask for Jennifer.